Best Hotel to Stay in Alderley Edge

Posted on 25 May 2018

This week we will be talking about how and you and your chosen escort can reap the benefits and enjoy a cosy night sleep in the prestigious town of Alderley Edge.  This is something we are looking to bring you every week to help you find a suitable place of rest for you and your chosen escort, we think this will be highly beneficial for our up and coming clients and our current clients.

This week we will be recommending a hotel which presents lots of class and holds a high standard for all of its customers. This exotic destination opens the door to a romantic and passionate evening in Alderley Edge.

Wizards Thatch - This hotel (Guesthouse) brags to be the most romantic location to stay in the whole of Cheshire and to be blunt it does this exactly. This hotel is definitely a fresh and imaginative approach, that you both will enjoy. They have achieved a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence year after year with continual fantastic reviews for this reason this romantic location has been entered in Tripadvisor’s own hall of fame. They have four different suites Camelot, Merlin, and Wizardry and they are all special in their own right. If you want to take a look more in depth about the different suites they offer, we suggest visiting their website which gives you a tremendous and in-depth insight into them.

Many of our escorts have stayed in numerous hotels around Alderley Edge, and there has never been as much excitement and pleasure and it has quickly become a favourite in our escorts personal preference. As there is no other hotel that does it like the Wizards Thatch.

We hope that this recommendation has made your choice easier for you and your partner and will hopefully ensure you have an evening you both deserve and one you will never forget. If you would like more information don’t forget to visit their website as they have lots of information regarding it! You can view their website right here!